Certified Pool Operator Training

NSPF Certified Pool/Spa InspectorThe NSPF® Certified Pool-Spa Operator® Training Program

The National Swimming Pool Foundation’s CPO® Training Program provides training for efficient, effective, and economical use of swimming pools and spas. The NSPF® CPO® training program is beneficial to operators, owners, managers, service companies, public health officers or anyone who has interaction with an aquatic facility. To become a NSPF® CPO®, a person must complete 14-16 hours of instruction and pass a written exam. The NSPF® CPO® training program is a national and international program widely accepted by health officials. It is a requirement for commercial pool operators in many states and/or localities. Since 1989, over 150,000 CPO©s have been certified by the NSPF.

Who the National Swimming Pool Foundation® Is

The National Swimming Pool Foundation® is a non-profit organization whose interest is research, education and safety in aquatics. Recognizing the need for trained operators to manage public and commercial pool facilities, in 1974, NSPF® developed the Certified Pool-Spa Operator® course.

Benefits of the NSPF® CPO® Course

  • Proven educational tool
  • Widely accepted by local and state authorities
  • Covers all topics necessary for pool operators including a section for local and state codes.
  • Provides 14-16 hours of uniform instruction
  • Comprehensive textbook which is an excellent reference tool
  • Successful completion of a written exam is required for certification
  • All courses are taught by certified NSPF® CPO© instructors
  • NSPF® CPO© certification is recognized nationally and internationally

General Information About the NSPF® CPO© Course

  • Each student receives instruction by a certified instructor who is specifically trained to communicate the basic skills necessary to operate a pool or spa facility.
  • The course is intensive and covers pool nd spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, government requirements, etc.
  • After completion of the instruction, the student must pass a written examination.
  • Certification is valid five years, at which time a refresher course and/or a reexamination must be passed.
  • If you have not received your certificate after passing the course, please contact Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) at (719) 540-9119.


Teton County Environmental Health offers a CPO course twice per year; once in the spring and once in the fall. Spring 2023 has not been set yet.