2022 Captain Testing

Captain Promotional Testing

A Captains testing process will take place on the week of December 5th. This test will establish a list of eligible candidates for full-time captain vacancies as well as anyone wishing to test for a volunteer captain position. This test will create a captain promotional list that will be kept for one year.

Candidates with at least 5 years of experience will be allowed to test for the captain position. All candidates should also have initiated a captain task book. This can be done by meeting with the chief one-on-one. The task book is available on the department web site under the members section.

Applications may be submitted in person or by email to Shannon Burns. Applications are available in person at Fire Admin or by clicking on the link below. Please submit application, resume and letters of recommendation by November 11th at 5:00 pm.

The selection process will include the following:

Captain Promotional Testing

Candidates must have at least 5 years’ experience, preferably with JHFEMS

Candidates must be Fire Officer 1 certified

Candidates must have initiated and show progress in the Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Captain Task Book and meet the minimum job requirements on the Captain's Job Description.

Candidates will be ranked by composite score. The composite score is the sum of the points obtained by an individual in each examination component. Maximum composite score is 100 points. After the final scores the chief will conduct a personal interview with each candidate. Additional factors such as leadership, attitude and fit for the position will be considered.

Captain Selection Scores

Application (Exp.& Education) 10%

(Please include a resume that lists your certifications)

Written Test 15%

Incident Command Scenario 15%

In-Basket exercise 15%

Medical scenario 15%

Oral Board Interview score 30%


Job Description

Individuals deemed unfit for the position or do not achieve a minimum passing composite score of 70 will not be placed on the eligibility list.