Past Partnership Projects

Over the past 25 years, the Town of Jackson and Teton County through the Housing Authority ("JTCHA") and Housing Department have partnered with private developers to build deed restricted housing for our local workforce. This work is a cornerstone of the housing programs in our community. Please learn more, below! 

Teton Habitat - 47 homes (built) + 18 homes in development

  • Homes built in partnership with the Town and/or County: 47 homes
  • Developments include:
    • Parkside at Benson & Brown Station - 18 ownership units - County provided land + horizontal infrastructure
    • The Grove Phase III - 24 ownership units - JTCHA provided land, County provided infrastructure
    • 5-2-5 Hall: 5 ownership units - JTCHA provided land, shared infrastructure costs with Teton Habitat
    • Wilson Park: 1 ownership unit - JTCHA provided land
    • Melody Ranch: 16 ownership units - JTCHA provided land
    • Millward Redevelopment: 1 ownership unit - JTCHA provided land 

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust ("JHCHT") - 96 homes

  • Homes built in partnership with the Town and/or County: 96 homes
  • Annually, the Town also provides operational funding to the Community Housing Trust. Total funds contributed for operations since 2005: $425,000. 
  • Developments include: 
    • 174 N. King Street - 24 ownership units. Town provided the land + $1,250,000 cash + 6 offsite parking spaces valued at $300,000. As consideration, the Town of Jackson received 5 employee rights of first purchase. 
    • Redmond Street Rentals - 28 rental units. JTCHA invested $1,950,000 and Town of Jackson invested $3,750,000. As consideration, the Town received 3 employee rights of first purchase or rent. The Housing Trust, Town, and JTCHA are joint owners in the project, which the Housing Trust developed and manages.
    • Daisy Bush - 8 ownership units. Town provided $1,800,000. 
    • Mountain View Meadows - 36 ownership units. JTCHA developed the project, then handed management to the Housing Trust. JTCHA still owns the land. The Town & County provided $559,577.