Important Information from the Chief.

Email- August 4, 2020 

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS members

Yesterday many of our members responded to an MCI event near Teton Village. The response was admirable by any standard. Our agency, with the help of all our partner agencies, provided an exceptional level of service to those people in need. This success reaped the rewards of many years of preparation. 

There is an important lesson learned that I need to address. During the chaos of the MCI a patient was transported to the hospital without ALL Covid safety precautions in place. Within a few hours the hospital notified us that this patient tested positive for Covid Virus. As a result, one of our members is now being isolated/quarantined for the next 14 days. 

The important reminder is that we MUST continue to stay vigilant with our PPE to keep ourselves and our families healthy. We must strive to expect the unexpected. Please continue to make health focused decisions both on and off duty so we don’t reduce our level of service by losing personnel. 

Keep up the good work and stay safe. 

Brady Hansen

Fire Chief

Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

cell 307-699-8188