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What is the Housing Department's compliance role?

Annual Verification and Check-in: 

Affordable & Workforce Rentals- Verify all Affordable and Workforce rental housing units comply with the requirements of their recorded restriction

Workforce Ownership- Verify that owners of Workforce Units are complying with the requirements of their recorded restriction

Affordable Ownership- Owners of Affordable Units built or purchased after June 4, 2018 receive annual check-in request for employment, occupancy, and to ensure there is no ownership of residential real estate within 150 miles of Teton County.

Active Compliance:

Staff investigates complaints received about the use of restricted units. The Housing Department appreciates the community's help in reporting potential violations.

Existing Development Assistance:

Staff assists homeowners and HOA Boards when needed so that they can understand their CCRs, deed Restrictions, Ground Leases, and Housing Rules and Regulations.

Income Calculation Chart 2023
  1. Shila Morillon-Arellano

    Compliance Specialist

  2. Stacy Stoker

    Housing Manager