Liquor Licenses

The County Clerk`s Office issues certain types of permits and licenses. These include liquor licenses, after approval by the Board of Commissioners. Per Wyoming State Statute 12-4-502, all persons or organizations must  obtain a permit when selling alcoholic or malt beverages at a Special  Event.

Types of Liquor Licenses

There is a restriction on the number of retail licenses that can be  issued. As of this time, there are no retail licenses available. There are a variety of types of liquor licenses available in Teton County. These include:

  • Limited retail
  • Malt beverage
  • Microbrew
  • Resort
  • Restaurant
  • Retail

Liquor License Fees

Applications are filed in the Clerk`s Office and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee as listed.
Type of Fee
Retail License $1,500
Malt Beverage $350
Special Club License $1,500
Resort Liquor License $3,000
Restaurant Liquor License $3,000
Microbrewery Permit $500
Winery Permit $500
Winery Satellite Permit $100 Per Satellite Location
Bar and Grill Liquor License $3,000
Transfer Fee $100
24-Hour Catering Permit $100
24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit $100