Fair Building & Kitchen

Teton County Fair Building Fees - Effective October 1, 2012

Building Details

The fair building has a square footage of 3,510 square feet (downstairs no stalls, add 780 square feet with stalls). Other details include:

  • Chairs: 269
  • Lawn Area: 145 feet by 215 feet
  • Standing Capacity: 643 people
  • Tables: 70

Security Deposits

  • $250 Security Deposit - All user groups (except 4-H and County users)
  • $500 Noise Deposit - Amplified music requires Town of Jackson Noise Permit

Insurance Requirements

You must supply proof of insurance or sign insurance liability waiver. Insurance can be purchased through Haas and Wilkerson. The normal fee is $125. Liquor liability insurance begins at $625.

Free User Groups

It is free for 4H and High School Rodeo groups to use the fair building and kitchen for a maximum of 4 hours per week.

Rates Per Day

  • $75 for the kitchen
  • $200
  • $500                                             

Clean Up

All Renters Must Follow Clean-Up Instructions or you will forfeit your security deposit. All trash must be enclosed in one dumpster. Each additional dumpster will be an additional $150 per fill.