Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Stabilizing our community by providing healthy housing solutions.


Our focus and mission at JTCAH is to enable housing opportunities for local workers. Why? We value a diverse, healthy, functioning community that includes a wide array of workers, professionals, and service providers. Housing our workforce locally contributes to maintaining a vital community, and we’re lucky to live in a place where our leaders and voters support it.

Because market home prices in Teton County are more expensive than what most working families can afford, the homes in our program are designed to be affordable. They come through development requirements or through funding such as the SPET tax that voters elect.

As a full-time member of the Teton County workforce, you have options. View our website for an overview of our home ownership programs. Keep in mind that there are restrictions on use of the home and resale price. Overall, we see our program as a win/win with stability for both the workforce and the community.

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