Wildlife Friendly Fencing Violations

What type of fence can be built on your property? In short, any new fencing must be no higher than 38 inches above the ground (42 inches for livestock control) and the spacing between the top two wires or top pole/rail and adjacent wire shall be at least 12 inches and no more than three horizontal strands/rails. The minimum clearance from the ground to the lowest wire or rail shall be 18 inches. Buck and rail fencing is prohibited without a special purpose fencing exemption. More information can be found in Section 5.1.2, Wildlife Friendly Fencing, of the Land Development Regulations.  

Special Purpose Fencing

5-wire high fence

When replacing or repairing old fencing or if the fencing is related to an exempt agricultural operation, please call the Planning division for the specifics. 

If your project is enclosing a pool, dog kennel, small yard, or something similar, check with the Planning division on “Special Purpose Fencing.” A special exemption may be granted depending on the purpose and design of your fence.

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Teton County and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation are partnering to help property owners comply with wildlife friendly fencing regulations to protect wildlife. As part of this collaboration, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation will assist the County on a campaign to remind property owners about the importance of wildlife movement corridors and the role of wildlife friendly fencing. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation also has a dedicated group of experienced fence crews that volunteer to assist property owners with removal of non-compliant fencing or, in some case, modifying fences to become wildlife friendly. This program is completely voluntary for the property owner.  

If you would like help complying with County regulations for an existing fence on your property, please contact the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation at (307) 739-0968, info@jhwildlife.org or visit https://jhwildlife.org/.  

Related Land Development Regulations

Land Development Regulation Section 5.1.2 Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Contact Information

For more information on any code topics or other zoning issues, please stop by our offices at 200 South Willow Street in Jackson or call 307-733-3959. To report a violation, please go to this link.