WUI Information for Contractors

Information for Architects, Designers & Builders in Teton County

The Town of Jackson and Teton County have adopted the International Code Council 2021 edition of the Wildland Urban Interface Code. The IWUIC “has as its objective the establishment of minimum special regulations for the safeguarding of life and property from the intrusion of fire from wildland fire exposures and fire exposures from adjacent structures and to prevent structure fires from spreading to wildland fuels, even in the absence of fire department intervention.”   To put it simply, the intent of this code is to build structures that will withstand a fast-moving wildland fire and to prevent structure fires from burning down the wildland.A house in the middle of being built.

Step One: If you are planning to build in the Town of Jackson or Teton County you must first determine if the property is in a mapped WUI area.

Step Two: To begin, click on this link http://maps.greenwoodmap.com/tetonwy/mapserver/ Use “Property Search” to locate your site, a map with the lot lines should appear.  Using the far-right side of your screen, click on the layers tab. Under Planning & Building layers check the box next to Wildland Urban Interface.  If your property, or even a portion of your property, gets filled with the red hash marks, you must submit a WUI application.


Step Three:  Go to our forms location accessed from the Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Homepage and locate the WUI application. Once filled out it will mail directly to the prevention bureau. Please allow 7-10 working days for review and response. Please note, a site plan indicating dimensions is now required at time of application.

Step Four:  The Prevention Bureau will review the area fire hazard, determine water compliance, and consider existing or proposed defensible space on the property.  We will then provide you with an excel spreadsheet outlining how determinations were made as well as a memo stating Construction Requirements necessary to meet the IWUIC.

Ignition Resistant (IR) Construction will be called out at either Does Not Apply, IR3, IR2, or IR1 construction, the latter the most restrictive.  Find notes on each requirement below.

It is recommended this information be obtained prior to significant planning to forego future changes which might be required for code compliance.

Plan Review Submission Process

Electronic submission for plan review is encouraged. Fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans must be stamped by a Fire Protection Engineer or NICETIII certification stamped technician.

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Teton County Ban on Wood Shakes and Shingles

Effective March 1, 2021 in mapped WUI

Town of Jackson Ban on Wood Shakes and Shingles

Effective January 1, 2022 in mapped WUI