In Lieu Fees


The Jackson / Teton County Comprehensive Plan sets a goal of housing at least 65% of the community's workforce locally. This is to help preserve our Quality of Life, which is one of the three Common Values in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Town of Jackson and Teton County Land Development Regulations require developers to provide housing to mitigate for the impact their development has on the community. When the requirement calculation is less than an entire housing unit or when a developer can demonstrate that providing a unit is impractical, a fee in lieu of providing units may be paid.

The fee in lieu amounts are calculated annually by the Planning Department.


Income Range 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
0 - 50% $314,338.83 $433,607.95 565,485.68
50% - 80% $259,137.79 $364,101.61 $490,079.78
80% - 120% $128,983.31 $208,316.12 $323,723.96
120% - 200% $0 $29,335.31 $129,551.62