2016 Armchair Adventures Series

2016 Armchair Adventures Series

There’s no better way to spend a cold, wintery evening than joining Jackson Hole locals as they recount their travels and adventures around the world. Presentations will take place in the meeting room at the recreation center. Refreshments will be provided.  

Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm |  Fee: $5 per presentation

January 14th | Scottish Highlands and Hebrides | Presented by Mike Adler

Join Mike Adler for a presentation highlighting three trips to the Scottiesh Highlands and Hebrides in 2012, 2013, and again in 2015.  Scotland is the birth place of modern geology and nowhere is this heritage more obvious than in the rugged beauty of the Northwest Highlands.  The highlands are a mix of rocky mountains, lakes and the magnificent seashore.  the highlands were traversed by road and numberous hikes form the northern coast and along the western shore.  Mike will discuss the geological origin of this area.  The presentation also includeds the stunning and historic Hebrides Islands including visits to Skye, the islands of Lewis and Harris and the standing stone cirlce at Callanish that rivals Stonehenge and is much more accessible.  

January 21st | Exploring the Heart of the Swiss Alps | Presented by Rebecca Woods

Join veteran trek leader and guidebook author Rebecca Woods on a visual exploration of the Swiss Alps.  Becky and her husband Rich hiked 100 plus miles between Geneva and Zurich in 2011, and again between Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland in 2013.  The first hiking trip was on a segment of the Via Alpina Trail that traversed the heart of the BerneseOberland, the second on the famed hikers Haute Route.  They collectively showcased some of the most stunning alpine scenery and famed peaks of Europe, including the Eiger, Jungfrau, Wetterhorn and Matterhorn.  Tips on Switzerland hiking and how to organize your own trip will be offered at the end of the presentation.  

January 28th | Safaris in Botswana and Zambia | Presented by Sandy Ress and Susan Foster

In June, 2015, Sandy Ress and Susan Foster visited five safari camps in Botswana and Zambia, including the Okavango Delta.  Their video presentation captures mock elephant charges; observing wild (painted) dogs socialize, hunt and devour their prety and viewing a cheetah feast on a recent kill.  the presentation also includes two walking safaris, a canoe safari, a visit to Victoria Falls, and observations of life in typical villages.  

February 11th | A Cultural View of Bhutan I Presented by Sandy Ress and Susan Foster

This video presented by Sandy Ress and Susan Foster focuses on northwest Bhutan; its history, religious heritage and beliefs.  The video will show a transformation from a feudal state ruled by a king to a parliamentary democracy.  It will also feature art, architecture and festivals.  In addition, the presentation will show how the Bhutanese people attempt to preserve their culture while undergoing economic development and the meaning of their concept of Gross National Happiness.  The video will include northwest Bhutan's interplay with land reform, conservation and education as well as universal free medical treatment.  The video will share Bhutan's relationship with China, India and Nepal and feature some of the local landscape, flora and fauna.  The video shows many day hikes and a few mountain bike rides, but does not focus much on trekking opportunities or recreational activities.  Portions of this presentation are geared toward a mature audience.  

February 18th | A day in theLife of Tanda Tula on Safari in South Africa | Presented by Roy and Sandy Walters

Join Roy and Sandy Walters on Safari with the Yellowstone Association in South Africa.  Enjoy an introduction to South Africa:  its ecosystem, culture, natural beauty and its warm, friendly people.  Get up close and personal with the big animals of the bush in Kruger Nationla Park and Tanda Tula ("Quiet Love") Safari Camp.  Smaple the exotic luxury of life in a safari tent camp, along with the ever present dangers in the bush on a morning walk where the big cats live.  Experience what it's like to capture and tag a 5,000 pound endangered rhinoceros.  Dr. Walters and his wife Sandy have been lucky enough to have travlled the world.  He is retired from his career as a college professor and as his company's Vice President of Research and Development.  Both participate in public service andare avid skiers, hikers and cyclists and are part-time residents of Teton Valley, ID. 

February 25th | East Africa: Gorillas in Rwanda and Safari in Tanzania | Presented by Becky Hawkins and Jayne Ottman

Join longtime Jackson residents Becky Hawkins and Jayne Ottman as they share their adventures in the jungles of Volcanos National Park in Rwanda along side the endangered Mountain Gorillas. From there, experience a 10 day safari in Tanzania, including the national parks Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and the conservation areas of Ndutu and Ngorongoro Crater. This up close photo and video journey will include dung beetles to elephants, big cats to big birds, dwarf mongoose to giraffes, comfy tent camps, a unique orphanage and the Maasai people. They will share tips on planning a safari both in Rwanda and Tanzania, essentials of packing light including must have items, and photography gear.

March 3rd | Backpack Through Yellowston Old Faithful to Bechler | Presented by Cathy Shill

Stay near home and visit the amazing country of Yellowstone!  This four day backpack tirp covers 32 miles as you journey from the Old Faithful area towards Cave Falls to visit geyser basins, soak in hot springs, waterfalls of the Bechler River, enjoy friends and beauty of our nation's first national park.  Presenter, Cathy shill, owns local guide company The Hole Hiking Experience and spends her free time playing in the mountains and parks surrounding Jackson Hole.  

March 10th | Armchair Adventures Grand Canyon Adventures | Presented by Mike Adler

Mike Adler will share stories and slides from an 18 day trip to the Grand Canyon in 2013.  The highlight was a twelve day rafting trip on the Colorado River with the Geologists of Jackson Hole.  The wonders of the Grand Canyon were experienced from river level and on numerous hikes up side canyons.  A USGS geologist on the trip described the 6 million year geological record in the canyon walls.  Mike will share amazing images of the Milky Way taken form the river level.  He will also present slides from Antelope Canyon as well as a four day hiking trip from the canyon rim.