Water Fitness

Water Fitness

An aquatic fitness workout is one of the best and easiest ways to improve muscle tone, realize cardiovascular benefits and have fun while doing it. There is no strain on joints and it is more effective than a gym workout in a fraction of the time.  We offer a variety of different water fitness classes for all levels of fitness.  

The Beginner/Intermediate class is held in chest deep water only.  You do not need to have any swimming ability to join in.

Water Fit classes incorporate the use of equipment to maximize water resistance in all dimensions of movement, providing full range of motion and increased flexibility. Participants should be comfortable in deep water. These classes typically meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

Friday noon Water Fit  classes can be held in both deep and shallow water. You do not need to know how to swim but you should be comfortable in both deep and shallow water.

Aqua Zumba classes take place twice weekly, and are an invigorating low-impact pool party, where you can splash your way into shape. Classes are held in shallow water typically on Tuesday and Thursday at nnon. 

Punch cards are available for all water fitness classes. 

Drop In:                        $8
10 Class Card:            $60
15 Class Card:           $82.50
12 Month Unlimited:   $351



Susan Dong – Aqua Fitness Instructor

Susan recently moved to Jackson from San Diego and loves her entire WY experience.  She is passionate about aqua fitness because it provides an impact-free exercise regimen, combined with fun, laughter and opportunities for terrific social interactions.  She is nationally certified by the US Water Fitness Association.  Join her for a well-planned, safe, fun and effective aqua fitness class--with instruction for people at all levels of aqua fitness.  Susan looks forward to seeing you in the pool.

Dawna Wilson – Aqua Fitness Instructor

Dawna has been an active participant and enthusiastic supporter of Aqua Fitness programs and their amazing health benefits since 2009. She is a USWFA Nationally certified Water Fitness Instructor. She brings fun, knowledge, and dedication to every class. A wife and mother of four, Dawna has lived and worked in the Jackson Hole community for 37 years. She loves travel, but Wyoming, its natural beauty, and the wonderful folks who live and visit here are her favorites. Her other interests include; playing cards, drawing, painting, photography, walking her dog Henry, motorcycles, and fishing.