Water Safety Instructor Course

The Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department will be offering an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course.  This 30 hour course is dedicated to developing the skills you will need to instruct and plan courses in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program.  This course will be tailored to meet the individual needs  of each participant.  The course will be a blended learning course so each student can work at their own pace and schedule time with the instructor when they complete each class.  Participants must have passed the pretest before registering online.  

Class Dates TBD.  Please contact Chuck Parquet at 307.732.5760 if you are interested in taking this course.  

Course Prerequisites

Candidates must...

Be at least 16 years of age

Swim the following strokes consistent with the Stroke Performance Charts,
Level 4.
                Front crawl                                           25 yards
                Back crawl                                            25 yards
                Breaststroke                                         25 yards
                Elementary Backstroke                     25 yards
                Sidestroke                                             25 yards
                Butterfly                                                15 yards

Maintain position on back one minute in deep water (floating or sculling).

Tread water for one minute.

Course dates will vary based.  Approximaely 30 hours of classroom & pool times are necessary.  

Fee:  $100 at the Recreation Center | $35 to be paid online

*All in water classes will be held at the Recreation Center*