After School Program Registration

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 1:19pm

For the past year, local organizations have been meeting to address the limited space in after school programs.  By working together we hope to double the number of kids that we can accommodate in the programs for the upcoming school year.

Kids Club (K-2nd Grade) has undergone some changes in the registration process.  In previous years we have had 1 registration in August where children could be signed up for the whole year.  Because of the limited space, parents would often sign up for the whole year whether they really needed the care or not.  We experienced a large number of program withdrawals that put an added burden on staff and often went unfilled.  Because of this we will be going to a monthly registration.  Participants can still sign up per day, but we will only register three times a year. 

Kids Club registration will be Aug 23 at 8am for fall Kids Club and No School Days (through December).  At this, you can only register for Kids Club in person, at the Recreation Center.  In December, we hope to have our online registration available and parents will then be able to sign up for January through spring break, then in March sign up for spring break through June.

We are adding an additional "Club" for K-2nd graders that will be run by the Children's Museum.  It is $14.00 per day and takes place on M-R.   The Mon/Tues program is called Creation Station and the programming repeats itself on those two days (parents are urged to only sign up for 1 of the 2 days), Wed/Thurs is Science Everywhere (again, the curriculum is the same every wed/thurs).  This registration will also take place in person beginning at 8:00 on August 23.

Colter Registration will take place online Aug 31 at 7pm.  If families have a balance on their account they will not be able to register until the pay their balance.

We look forward to having your child join the fun at Colter Discovery Clubs, Kids Club and the Children's Museum Clubs!

Please contact Cheyenne McCollum at 307.732.5756 or with questions.