2014-2015 Grooming Report

2014-2015 Grooming Report

The Winter 2014-15 Trail Grooming Program has startred!

This page will be updated daily between 12pm and 2:00pm to reflect what has been groomed that day and what the schedule will be for the next day as well as any changes, modifications or note worthy events. Grooming begins around 6am Tuesday - Saturday and the daily schedule is typically completed by 1:00pm

Today Emily Steven's Levee and the Wilson Centenial Trail were groomed with the Pisten Bully.  Both trails are in great shape besides a few low coverage areas.  South Park Trail has been groomed this afternoon with the snowmobile but has many bare spots.

Saturday the schedule brings us back to Cache Creek, Wayne May Park, and the Wilson Centenial Trails.  The school fields will not be groomed tomorrow due to low snow conditions.   

Snow conditions will dictate whether the Pisten Bully or the snowmachine and tidd tech are used.

For information on grooming in Grand Teton National Park see this Park news release.

For information on Teton Canyon Grooming please visit tvtap.org

Updated: Wednesday December 19, 2014 01:33 pm