Trail Descriptions

Trail Descriptions

Cache Creek Trail

Hilly terrain with an elevation gain/loss of 850’.  Groomed 2.5 miles on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, generally in the morning.  Snowmobiles are allowed on the Cache Creek Trail.  Trailhead access:  From the Jackson Town Square, follow Broadway east and turn right on Redmond Street.  Follow Redmond Street and take a left turn at Cache Creek Drive.  Follow Cache Creek Drive to the Cache Creek Trailhead.  Please keep in mind that this is a narrow, snow packed road so drive accordingly.

Game Creek Trail

Rolling terrain with an elevation gain/loss of 500’.  Groomed 3.3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday, generally in the afternoon.  Snowmobiles are allowed on the Game Creek Trail.  Dogs must be kept on a leash for the first mile due to USFS Winter Wildlife Range Regulations.  Trailhead access:  Follow U.S. Hwy 26/89 south of Jackson approximately 6 miles to the Game Creek Road located on the east side of the highway.  Follow Game Creek Road approximately 1 mile to reach the trailhead. Trail will only be groomed in "low" avalanche danger as reported by BTNF Avalanche Center.

Wilson Centennial Pathway

Flat terrain groomed 1.2 miles on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, generally in the morning.  Pathway access:  Stilson Ranch parking lot located off of WY Hwy 390 (Teton Village Road) on the west side of the Hwy.  Trail can also be accessed from the parking lot at the Wilson Elementary School.

Emily’s Pond Levee

Flat terrain groomed 2.2 miles with a “lollipop loop” at the end.  Groomed on Wednesday and Friday, generally in the morning.  Trailhead access:  From Jackson travel approximately 4 miles west on Hwy 22.  Turn north on the east side of the Snake River Bridge to reach the trailhead at Emily Stevens Pond.

South Park Pathway

This 2.4 mile trail runs along the pathway parallel to the western side of South Park Loop Road from Blair Drive at the north end to the southern terminus of the pathway.  This trail is flat and fairly straight with four road or driveway crossings.  Groomed Wednesday and Friday, generally in the afternoon.

School Trail

Flat terrain loop groomed .9 mile on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday generally in the morning.  Trailhead access:  Parking is available on the north side of Summit High School and on the east side of Colter Elementary School.

Von Gontard Pathway (AKA Melody Ranch Pathway)

Rolling terrain groomed 2 miles on Wednesday and Friday, generally in the afternoon.  Pathway access:  Follow US Hwy. 26/89 approximately 4 miles south of Jackson and turn right on the South Park Loop Road.  Trailhead parking is located on the north side of the South Park Loop Road.

Wayne May Park Loop

Generally flat 1 mile loop arouund the 10 acre Wayne May Park located on the corner of Hansen Street and Rancher Street. Groomed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Parking and access to the groomed trail is available on Rancher Street. 

Teton Canyon Trail

Flat to gently rolling terrain groomed 13K (roundtrip) on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday generally by 10:00 am.  Check Teton Valley Trails and Pathways website  at for current grooming reports.  Trailhead access:  From Driggs, ID follow Ski Hill Road east approximately 8 miles.  Turn right (south) at the Teton Canyon Road just past Alta.  Drive approximately one half mile to the winter trailhead.