Skate Into Spring

Friday, February 5, 2016 - 4:12pm
Skate Into Spring

Explore Grand Teton National Park in a whole new way this spring!  

Learn how to skate ski or brush up on your skills just in time for some crust cruising weather!  Crust cruising is skate skiing on the top crust layer of deep snow. Perfect conditions occur in early spring when the sun melts a top layer during the day and it is then refrozen overnight.  Skiers find themselves gliding easily over the snow without the need for groomed trails.  The season is short, but if you can time your outing just right, you'll be able to explore areas not easily accessible to other users. 

When searching for the perfect crust cruising conditions, you'll need to start your adventure early enough to beat the sun to remelting the snow.  Look for wide open areas with plenty of sun exposure and have fun!

February Skate Ski Lessons and Workshops:

Skate Ski Lessons at the Wilson Centennial Trail:  Session 3 - February 12 & 19

Adult Skate Skiing Refresher Classes:  February 9, 11

Senior's Classic and Skate Ski Workshop:  February 9

Skate Into Spring:  February 27