Colter Discovery Clubs

Colter Discovery Clubs

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Session 5 Colter Discovery Clubs begin April 28th.

Online registration begins Wednesday, April 23rd at 7:00 pm

*Walk in and/or phone in registration begins on Thursday, April 24th at 8:00 am.  Session Five clubs end on June 11, 2014. There will not be any clubs on Monday, May 26th.  

Our Discovery Clubs offer opportunities for youth in 3rd through 5th grade to discover, explore and ignite interest in activities and hobbies around Teton County. Clubs meet after school in the Colter Cafeteria, one day a week during the session. Discovery Clubs employ community experts to help participants learn more about a particular activity/hobby. Look for brochures to come home from school, or online. Cost varies, but typically runs less than $10.00 per day.

For a printable, detailed version of the Session 5 Clubs, please click here.


Summer's Sizzling Snacks: Get ready for summer by whipping up some of your favorites- kabobs of all kinds, picnic ideas, camping recipes and anything you can throw on a grill or make on a fire! Yum!

3D Fabrication (geared towards 5th graders)In this newly designed class at Jackson Hole High School’s digital fabrication lab, students will learn the basics of some of the equipment in the lab including our 3D printers and vinyl cutters. Explore 3D modeling and some basic coding skills as well. Through a series of mini projects students will be immersed in the world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


Predator and Prey Club:  The Cougar Fund presents: FANGS! TALONS! CLAWS! VENOM and STINGERS! What types of adaptations do animals need to survive? How do predators and prey rely on each other as part of the greater ecosystem? What kind of habitats foster successful carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores? Learn this and more through outdoor initiative games, highlighted ‘predators of the day’, scientific experiments and journalistic field trips!

Garden Club:  Spring is on its way in the Tetons!  As the valley awakes from winter, our thoughts turn to summer and the green bounty of gardening that comes with it. Come learn about gardening in the Tetons with hands on activities including starting seeds, transplanting raspberries and strawberries, compost, worms, and adventures to Mountain Meadows Garden!


Hip Hop Choreography:  Learn some basic hip hop moves along with choreography from some of your favorite pop star videos! Classes will include a warm-up, across the floor sequences and dance battles. Be ready to dance hard and walk away with some sweet moves!

National Parks Treasure: Dive deep into the caves of Lava Beds National Monument. Discover sea creatures from Assateague Island National Seashore and check out the animals in the lush jungle forests of Olympic National Park. Get excited for a different traveling trunk coming from a new National Park each week! Trunks from ME, CA, FL, WA, and MD will be engaging us to learn more about our National Park Services.


Nature Detectives:  Come join us at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum as we explore the wonders of nature!  Learn how to track animals by following their scents and making plaster casts of tracks. Come design birdfeeders and make sculptures out of natural materials!  Discover how different birds use their beaks to capture prey for survival. Be prepared to be outside and have fun while we play at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum!

Clay & Sculpture Club:  Explore a variety of traditional hand building techniques using kiln-fired clay.  Expand on your building skills to create unique indoor and outdoor sculptures. Play with different ceramic firing and glazing processes.


Gym Jam:  Come get your heart pumping and your creative juices flowing! For kids with active bodies and minds, Enjoy the new foam pit, trampolines, bars and much more!

Climbing Club:  Students will learn beginning / intermediate climbing and bouldering at the rock gym. Those that are new to climbing will learn how climbs are rated, basic techniques, and terminology.  All will be encouraged to set achievable goals for themselves. Harnesses, climbing shoes and chalk bags are provided.