Discovery Clubs

Discovery Clubs

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Registration for Session 4 will begin online at 7pm, Wednesday February 14, 2018.  Please be sure your account is setup in advance and that you do not have any outstanding balances on your account.  


We are pleased to announce that this year all registration will take place online and it is our desire that this will improve the registration experience for all.

We realize that getting used to a new system can be challenging and in order to make registration day as painless as possible, we have developed a way to allow each of you to practice registering your children.

In order to access the practice website please click HERE

Below are the steps to register a child:

1. Once on this page, you have two options to find the Discovery Club program.

               -You can click on the link to “Colter Club” under the “what’s hot” box.

               -Or you can search for the program by going to the search menu at the top and then clicking on “activity search”.

2. If you click the link it will take you directly to the program, if you do the search, narrow your parameters by selecting "afterschool" .  Discovery Clubs should be listed if you scroll down.


3. Select the appropriate course(s) by clicking on the button in the left hand column under “add to cart”.  NOTE: It may seem like nothing happens when you hit this button, but it is adding the program to your queue at the very bottom of your screen (look down, all the way!).

5. Once you have all your desired programs in the queue, click the “add to cart” button in your queue at the bottom of the page.

6. Now it will prompt you to sign in.  (You can also sign in prior to completing all these steps by clicking the “login” button in the header of the page.)
7. If you have signed up a for a program in our new software, you will already have an account, however in the demo ONLY, your login AND password is the main email address on the account (unless you have already reset your password while practicing for Kids Club).
8. If you do not yet have an account, please create one by clicking on the link.
9. Once you’ve created your fake family, please remember this password and login and you can use it whenever you want to log back in to practice.   AGAIN, as a reminder, your password for the LIVE site will be different than the demo site, so please make sure you know your password for the live site.
10. If you’ve followed these steps, you will now have to select which child you want to register in the programs you selected.  If a child’s name does not appear, that’s because you have not entered the child’s birthdate and/or they are not eligible for the program due to age or grade.
11. On the next screen you will be prompted to leave a roster note if you desire (this is your opportunity to tell us something such as allergies, special needs, etc.)  You will also be prompted to enter the school that your child will be attending.  Finally it is important to click the “copy questions” box so that you don’t have to answer this question multiple times.
12. Click Continue
13. Here you will be able to review your cart and remove any programs you accidentally clicked on or return to shopping cart to add days.  If everything looks good, click  “proceed to checkout”.
14. Now you are on the payment screen.  
15. The only payment that will be allowed the day of registration will be credit card.  You have a cash option on the demo site so you can run completely through a transaction.
16. This should complete your purchase.

Important notes:

1. Discovery Club registration will open Wednesday, October 25 at 7pm.
2. Registration is online only and payment is only via credit card.
3. Once registered, cancellations will only be credited or refunded if the spot is filled.
4. Please be sure you login to our LIVE website prior to registration to insure you have the correct login information and that your children are correctly setup on your account.  The system screens according to the child’s birthdate/age, so please make sure their ages are correct in the system.

*Reminder: This is a new system, so even if you have used our registration system in the past, please double check that all of your information is in the system.

5. While practicing with the DEMO website, please contact Andy Fleck at or Cheyenne McCollum at if you encounter any issues.


Click Here to Register in the Live Website on February 14