Colter Discovery Clubs

Colter Discovery Clubs

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Session 1 Colter Discovery Clubs begin September 8th.

Online registration begins Wednesday, August 27nd at 7:00 pm

Our Discovery Clubs offer opportunities for youth in 3rd through 5th grade to discover, explore and ignite interest in activities and hobbies around Teton County. Clubs meet after school in the Colter Cafeteria, one day a week during the session. Discovery Clubs employ community experts to help participants learn more about a particular activity/hobby. Look for brochures to come home from school, or online. Cost varies, but typically runs less than $10.00 per day.

Due to staffing shortages, there will not be as many clubs offered this ses

2014-2015 Colter Discovery Club - Information & Important Dates

Colter Discovery Clubs - Session I Brochure*

*Please note, due to staffing shortages, we are offering fewer clubs than normal this session.