Toddler Gym & Club

Toddler Gym & Club

Toddler Gym

Toddler Gym is for children age five and younger to come to the recreation center gym and interact with other children. Many types of balls and other equipment such as Little Tike soccer goals, basketball hoops, scooters, trykes, and tumbling equipment is provided to stimulate young children. Personal toys are also welcome. If toys are not the thing, children may use the gym space to run, chase, and do a little releasing of energy! Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Daily Admittance fee to the Recreation Center applies.  

Toddler Club

Want to let your toddler run and play, but want to get your own work out in?  Toddler Club is an opportunity for children ages 5 and under to socialize in a supervised setting while parents participate in water aerobic classes, yoga, swim lessons or other fitness activities located within the recreation center.  The fee for this activity is $5 per hour per child.  

Please visit our calendar for current Toddler Gym & Club times.