Grade School and Jr. High Lessons

Grade School and Jr. High Lessons

These American Red Cross progressive programs are for anyone over six years of age. Classes encourage all participants to reach their maximum potential as a swimmer. Kindergarten children may go to preschool or grade school lessons. A minimum of four students must be enrolled in order to conduct the class.

Level 1 

This class is geared to help students feel comfortable in the water and to be able to enjoy the water safely.


Level 2

This level two class provides students with opportunities for success in fundamental skills. Front/back floating and front crawl are taught.

Level 3

Continuation of Level three skills with an emphasis on front crawl, back crawl and introduction of the butterfly.

Level 4

The purpose of this class is to build student confidence and performance of the swimming strokes learned in Level 3 by providing additional practice.

Level 5

This level five class provides further coordination and refinement of strokes.