Preschool Swim Classes

Preschool Swim Classes

With our progressive swimming program, your child will move from being a first time Guppie all the way up to a Seal - cruising through the water with ease!  These classes are a great experience in skill development and social adjustment for children three to five years of age that have some aquatic experience. Kindergarten children may go into preschool or grade school lessons. These classes operate on a small student/teacher ratio.  Guppies will now have a maximum of four children per instructor to ensure your child learns to enjoy and respect the water.  The rest of the classes require a minimum of four children enrolled to conduct a class.


Non-swimmer, not water adjusted or the first time in a group lesson without a parent. This class emphasizes water adjustment and learning how to enjoy and respect the water.


Polliwog participates must have completed Guppies. Non-swimmer, has been water adjusted. This class will work on introductory swimming skills.


Tadpole participants must have completed Polliwogs. Develop front and back skills. Fundamentals of the front crawl stroke, breath control, and deep-water adjustment are covered.


Frogs participants must have completed the Tadpole course. Can swim 20 feet and knows the basics of rhythmic breathing. Along with increasing rhythmic breathing, backstroke skills and endurance will be developed.


Otters must have completed the Frog course. Can swim 15 yards and introduction of the elementary backstroke. Under water swimming and endurance swimming are stressed.


Seals must be able to swim 25 yards front crawl, 15 yards backstroke. Breaststroke is introduced along with more emphasis on endurance training.